​Magical Star Trails in Singapore’s Night Sky

​Magical Star Trails in Singapore’s Night Sky

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Listed as one of the top 6 landscape photographers in the world, Justin Ng starting out as a self-taught photographer in September of 2010. He began shooting astronomy-related images after accidentally capturing the Milky Way in 2012 on a visit to Mount Bromo in Indonesia.

Amongst his series of composite - image photographs, our eyes are most mesmerized by those revealing the magical hidden beauty of Singapore’s night skies. The city is known for its considerable light pollution and according to Justin, many people believe that photographing stars or the Milky Way in Singapore is impossible. But as a sky artist, Justin shows it is indeed possible, taking long exposure shots of the sky which unveil dazzling images of the city’s nightscapes that contrast beautifully with urban elements such as architectural structures, cars, or even sites left to abandonment. The result is a visually majestic phenomenon resembling star rains, or spiraling trails glowing in a stunning palette of colors, revealing movements of stars by the thousands, thanks to the earth’s rotation.

In order to capture the most breathtaking astral trails, his work is divided into several  parts : one doing astronomy research, the other gathering long-exposure shots into one picture through a process of digital knitting. 

To help people better understand his technique, this passionate artist has developed his own app, which calculates the positions of celestial elements according to time and place. Through his work, he aims to inspire more astrophotographers residing in heavily light - polluted cities to try capturing these extraordinary images and thus do their part in stopping light pollution, to preserve the dark sky for future generations.

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