Captivating Geometric Paper Sculptures

Captivating Geometric Paper Sculptures

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Ryan Filipski is a multi-disciplinary artist from Austin, Texas. An expert in typography, branding and fine art, he recently obtained a BFA from the University of North Texas and works as a graphic designer in the Austin area.

Inspired by geometry and by the structural angularity found in contemporary architecture and design, he describes his art as aiming to appeal to the audience visually. His work mainly features minimalist, geometric, abstract paintings as well as sculptures made of polygonal forms.             

Currently using paper to explore three-dimensional geometric shapes, he uses the technique of folded paper and the principles of origami. With his project entitled « 100% Paper », this gifted artist has created an accurate series of 3D polygonal sculptures made entirely out of cardstock paper which also serves as the primary concentration for his studio body of work of of  drawings and paintings.

The angular and planar forms of his monochromatic black, white or silver-colored pieces create lighting effects and shadows that protrude and extend beyond the canvas, working together to produce a dynamic three-dimensional viewing experience.  

 Proving himself to be unfailingly creative, Filipski has committed himself to the conquest of paper art, proving that limits can constantly be pushed. He has promised us to research these concepts further to continue producing thought-provoking and arresting artworks.  


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