Futuristic visions of Shanghai roads

Futuristic visions of Shanghai roads

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Born in 1978, Black Station is a graphic designer and photographer based in Shanghai, China. Over the years, the city has become his artistic playground. Indeed, the sceneries he captures during his urban explorations illustrate in a fascinating way the personality of the Chinese big city, the champion of urbanization.

Through his lens and by using several photographic techniques such as Fish Eye or long exposure, he highlights the multiple facets of the cityscape surrounding him. He also illustrates very well the futuristic aspect of this sophisticated city which seems to develop at light speed. 

Among his numerous projects, his "Racing" series pays tribute to the world of race, cars and speed. 

By placing himself above roads which criss-cross at different levels and are split into arteries, the photographer has used one of his favorite techniques, long exposure.  
The light beams that result from this giant autodrome dominated by skyscrapers seem to travel the roads like long, luminescent streaks. Sometimes they take the appearance of small neon lights, giving the illusion of cars going at full speed on a circuit.

In parallel, the artist takes advantage of the environment to enhance the graphic look of his images by creating juxtapositions of colored lights and emphasizing the accumulation of cars at peak time.

From the most rigorous organization to the disorder created by congestion, Black Station creates an alternation between flow and accumulation as well as playing with straight lines and curves.
He doesn’t hesitate to include aspects generally devoid of aesthetics such as infrastructures, showing the complexity of forms and organization of space. Urban beauty is highlighted by markings and signage, providing a captivating graphic touch to the general composition of the images.

Gradually, as we discover his series, the photographer reveals a little more each time of the thrilling and unsuspected atmosphere of Shanghai. In this way, he pays perfect tribute to the city that raised and has influenced him since his earliest childhood.

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