Let's talk with... Dan Buckle

Let's talk with... Dan Buckle

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Dan is Chandon’s Australia talented senior winemaker – his attention to detail is on show in every sip of a Chandon wine.

“I work with a great team of people here at Chandon, covering all aspects of grapes, growers, fermentation, and blending as well as communication with the wine trade, media and consumers. Broadly speaking it’s my job to guide the style of wines we make – flavours, tastes, acidity, sweetness.”

Is there beauty in sparkling wine? Dan Buckle believes so. One of his chief tasks as Chandon’s Senior Winemaker is to conjure beauty in the bottle – wine has to be delicious. Simple as that. The importance of blending is paramount, and he draws on the traditions of Chandon’s esteemed French heritage to achieve this poise and elegance.

“There’s a joy in sparkling wine above all other wines, all other drinks. Sparkling wines hold a special place in our global culture, they are for good times, and friends, and laughter.”

Dionysus is in Dan’s blood, beginning with his father's own vineyard on the Mornington Peninsula where he roped in Dan to plant, prune and pick throughout his teenage years, and beyond. Dan jumped into the wine retail market, then studied for a Bachelor of Applied Science in Wine. It’s a tale of wanderlust from there, moving between vintages in Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne, and time spent at Coldstream Hills, Yering Station and Mount Langi Ghiran. 

Sip on a Chandon wine, guided by Dan’s meticulous hand, and expect distinctive Chandon charisma, with a serve of the unexpected on the side.


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