My Own Circuit in Sao Paulo

My Own Circuit in Sao Paulo

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With its 11 million inhabitants, Sao Paulo is the biggest metropolis in Brazil and the second largest in Latin America.The city is the living image of Brazil today: though rife with inequalities, crowds and smog, it remains full of life and is endowed with an atmosphere you couldn’t find anywhere else on the planet.

My Own Circuit

Despite a disturbing gap between rich and poor, Sao Paulo accommodates a sizable, highly-educated middle class community that sustains a rich cultural life.
One indispensable stop is the Museo de Arte. Its vast collection is probably the most complete in all of Latin America. The Impressionist Collection is particularly outstanding. 

While strolling down Paulista Avenue, the city’s most prominent Avenue, enjoy the buzzing atmosphere and the numerous shopping centers and boutiques.
At the end of the Avenue, be sure to visit the Jardim Botanico, a corner of paradise in the middle of the city. Like Manhattan’s Central Park, this garden is the perfect place to have a pleasant walk or picnic and get a break from the noisy crowd.

In terms of food, you mustn’t miss the Mercado Municipal, a covered market, first for its amazing colors and mouth-watering smells, and then for its fabulous architecture, in Belle Epoque style, with domes and stained glass windows. Breathtaking!

In a more spiritual vein, Our Lady of Aparecida is a jewel. Most Brazilians are devout Catholics and are extremely proud of the Lady of Apareicida. Actually, it is the second largest Catholic church in the world after St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican.

But Brazil wouldn’t be Brazil without its restaurants and nightlife! Our first stop is in the fashion district not far from the Avenida Paulista. The Aragon restaurant serves a fusion of Spanish and Portuguese cuisines. Most of the dishes are meant to be shared at the table. The service is simple and very casual.

Our second suggestion is for a special occasion. The Clos is the first (and only!) Spanish restaurant in the prestigious Michelin Guide of 2016. Even with it’s truly contemporary design, a mix of wood, stone and metal,  the atmosphere remains warm. The same thing goes for the food, which is contemporary, yet rich and tasty. 

My Own Playlist

Brazil wouldn’t be itself without its legendary Samba. To feel the beat of the night, we suggest that you go to Bar Brahma and Brahminha, one of São Paulo’s best-known live music clubs.
We recommend modern, sensual tracks on your playlist, such as Justin Bieber and DJ Snake’s “Let me Love You”, and “One Dance” by Drake. Two hot tracks to move your body all night long! 


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