My Own Circuit in Tokyo

My Own Circuit in Tokyo

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The figure-eight shaped Suzuka circuit may be close to Nagoya, but you probably won't be able to resist the temptation of visiting some other cities before or after the race, especially Tokyo, which is 297 kilometers away. Here are a few insider tips that will turn this weekend into an unforgettable experience. 



If there's one place on earth where you can display fashion audaciousness, it is definitely Japan, a country known for such fashion iconoclasts as Comme des Garçons' Rei Kawakubo, Issey Miyake, and Yohji Yamamoto, and also for the fearless dressers in the Shibuya district. This fall, several brands push creativity to its’ outer limits, bravely experimenting with shapes and patterns.

Wildly romantic souls should pounce on Karl Largerfeld's brightly colored or striped scalloped tops, skirts and dresses, which he occasionally accessorizes with matching scalloped handbags.

For sheer fun, go for Loewe's graphic black and white coat worn with a sci-fi-style t-shirt sporting a brand name. Complete the look with an adorable cat-shaped pendant.

And finally, show a racing-car drivers boldness by donning Kenzo's over-the-top purple tiger printed coat with duffle-coat style buttons adorned with squishy blue boots. While you're at it, spray the fashions house's new fragrance, “Kenzo World”, behind your ears. But avoid trying to imitate the wild dancer in the now famous commercial.



For an outstanding art experience, visit the « Rokko Meets Art » exhibition. This modern art event has the particularity of being held at the summit of Mount Rokko in the port city of Kobe, producing a compelling fusion of art and nature. The artists selected in this 7th edition include Takehiro Iikawa, Okamoto Mitsuhiro, and Kumpei.

Kishin Shinoyama, the Japanese photographer who is particularly famous for raising controversy in his country with his nude pictures, is staging an outstanding exhibition at the Hara Museum of Modern Art. The series shows pictures of naked women in various situations shot in different rooms of the museum.

Another must-see art exhibition is the one devoted to Thomas Ruff, a master of the Dusseldorf School of Photography. For the first retrospective of the artist's work in Japan, the National Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo is showcasing many important pictures, from his images of typical German homes and modern architecture to his famous large-scale portraits.

 Myojin no Yu is a sort of public bath house where you can recline in cypress wood-scented pools, saunas, or tubs surrounded by wonderful greenery. Perfect before venturing into Tokyo's nightlife.

One of Tokyo's most exciting shopping destinations is undoubtedly Kitakore, in the Koenji neighborhood. This Pre-World War II building - which includes warped stairwells and corrugated iron doors, is a haven for those who are seeking offbeat, DIY fashion creations by local designers. No wonder Lady Gaga and Pharrell Williams are huge fans.  

Now a legendary event for electronic music fans, the Ultra Japan festival just took place from September 17th and 19th in Tokyo's vast Odaiba Ultra Park. An ecstatic crowd gyrated to the performances of artists Martin Garrix, Hardwell and Kygo, to name a few. Needless to say, Chandon was there.

Shibuya is the go-to neighbourhood for partying at night after the race. But don't go out before having a bite at Shun, the restaurant at the Suzuka Circuit Hotel S Plaza, with its cosy, luxurious atmosphere and impressive central grill.

Even early eaters can enjoy a wide variety of hot and cold dishes, salads, and desserts, served all day until 10 the Pergola, which is part of the Mariott hotel in Nagoya.

For great fun, Shibuya's Cafe Bohemia offers escapism in the form of a Turkish- inspired terrace, where you can enjoy shisha, have a drink, or treat yourself to some  tasty Italian dishes. And don't miss the bellydance shows on October 6th and 11th.



The soundtrack to this new fall season is indisputably Frank Ocean's much-awaited, visual album, Blonde, released a few weeks ago. His sensual voice has already turned such titles as “Nikes” and “Ivy” into new classics. 



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