Mysterious and Abstract Black and White Visual Art from Mexico

Mysterious and Abstract Black and White Visual Art from Mexico

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The art of photography can represent either a final purpose or a starting point, depending on the will of the artist and the meaning of the project. After being developed, photographs can be retouched to yield a totally different result and create something new. 

The Mexican photographer and graphic designer Nydia Lilian Cavazos is a good example of these two artistic practices: as a professional photographer, she masters the art of the portrait and landscape photography as well as image editing. Born in Monterrey in 1985, the artist works mostly in black and white and captures natural landscapes and elements through her lens. As she affirms, this form of expression is a way for her to escape ordinary life and let her vast imagination roam free for a while. 

Her artworks can draw their inspiration from natural landscapes such as mountains or starry skies, insects, ice crystals or human bodies. Under her imaginative and attentive gaze, the shapes of nature repeat themselves, giving life to parallel worlds and abstract compositions. The shades and tones used confer a mysterious and bewitching atmosphere to Nydia’s works. She thus constitutes great artistic promise for her native Mexico.


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