Our top picks of bars and lounges

Our top picks of bars and lounges

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Where to have a drink

This fast-growing city has its fair share of great drinking places. If you’re visiting Shanghai for the Grand Prix, here are some of the amazing hot spots you can swing by to enjoy our sparkling wines. 
If you like pairing your glass of Chandon with a traditional French dish, head over to Paradox. Located in the heart of Shanghai, this fine dining place offers a friendly atmosphere, a tasty French menu and a great selection of premium wines.  

Looking for a stylish Izakaya, the typical Japanese drinking place that also serves food? Don’t miss out on a night at Dozo. Decorated in a blend of luxurious Japanese features, spotlights and a huge flowering cherry branch centerpiece, the place has become well known for its great selection of crafted cocktails. Dozo is also your go-to place if you feel like a glass of Chandon Brut. Come with your friends, order some sashimi and drinks, and enjoy the hip atmosphere at Dozo!
Described as the most upbeat bar in Zhong Plaza, the interior design of Logan’s Punch takes you back to the old Shanghai. Its rustic, woody décor is inspired by the iconic alleyways and timber houses of the city. You can have a drink and enjoy the dance music in the main bar area or select an “alley room”, as they call the tiny booths, for more intimacy.
Another spot you shouldn’t miss is Liquid Laundry. Come with some friends to this casual gastro-pub, sit down in comfort and order food to share. This New-York inspired spot is quite spacious but can get really busy in the evenings, when a DJ plays hip-hop and house music.
For nights when you want to stay in one place, Bonobo is your go-to hot spot for dinner and drinks before hitting the dancefloor. Its playful setting features neon lights and artwork by local artists that really make it worth checking out.
First, try some tasty Asian-inspired tapas in the dining room. Then head over to the bar area and discover the cocktail menu or go for a glass of Chandon. Next, take a look in Monkey Champagne, whose entrance is “hidden” at the back of the restaurant. It would be a shame to leave without having a last drink in one of Shanghai’s’ hottest clubs!


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