Shiny Metallic Typography Series

Shiny Metallic Typography Series

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Aaron Kaufman is a multidisciplinary graphic artist based in Montreal, Canada. Since graduating in 2011, he has worked with several agencies and collaborated on creative projects, ads and national campaigns.
As a freelance artist, he also designs vibrant and impactful 3D creations, drawing inspiration from his surroundings, everyday life and contemporary art.
With his expertise in the fields of graphic design, illustration and advertising, he has developed the «Chrome Type » project in the framework of « 36 Days of Type ». The project is an exploration of typographical design, and, more particularly, a 3D alphabet series focusing on metallic textures. 

Using 3D-design software by Maxon Cinema 4D and influenced by a modern vision of sculpture, his compositions are intricate, refined and inventive studies of lettering, shapes, lights and color effects based on chrome material. Each letter and number is seen as an undeniable sculptural and artistic entity, and is executed with a very realistic rendering. 

From A to Z and 1 to 9, Aaron Kaufman’s project offers a striking range of forms featuring curved cylindrical structures and iridescent surfaces illuminated by neon lights. To complete these visual creations, each letter and number is placed in an aesthetic setting, featuring matte and glossy walls decorated with art deco, psychedelic and Memphis-styled patterns.
The beautiful complexity of type shapes reminds one of the extensive work behind Formula 1 racing car design. It refers to the visual aspect of car bodies, to their atypical, innovative forms and their internal mechanisms - the engines' metallic structures and multiple conduits, which are the key to their performance and durability.

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