Surrealistic Photomanipulations

Surrealistic Photomanipulations

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Evgenij Soloviev, known as Apachennov, is a creative graphic designer and digital illustrator from Russia. His specialty? The art of photomanipulation. Indeed, this self-taught artist transforms landscape images into intriguing sceneries, mostly depicting surrealistic urban settings, where gravity doesn’t work, where cityscapes are turned upside-down above the sea, reminding you of scenes from the film, Inception.

In this selection, Evgenij has imagined a society straight out of a dream, or rather a sci-fi film, taking place in a sepia-toned cloudy atmosphere. In this surrealistic world, the impossible seems to be possible, citizens spend time reading books above skyscrapers and sit down on floating rectangular concrete structures, music instruments are floating high up in the air and the sea is at the end of the road. Lots of his compositions also depict disorientating perspective views and solitary human figures facing the beautiful oddness of their country.    

To compose these surrealist images with such a realistic rendering, the talented artist uses software tools like Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter and Cinema 4D, based on the idea he can create everything he imagines. 
He draws inspiration from the American photographers Robert Parke Harrison, Scott Mutter and Jerry Uelsmann, well known for their amazing dreamlike work over the past years.   

Since 2006, Evgenij’s work has caught the attention of diverse media agencies and magazines, such as Wired, Philosophie and Interscope for creative contributions. He has also designed the album cover of the American indie-rock band, Imagine Dragons. 

By contemplating his images, each viewer is free to invent his own scenario: some people will see a dystopian society, as some will feel something more peaceful and poetic.    

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