Where to have a drink in Sao Paulo

Where to have a drink in Sao Paulo

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Where to have a drink

With its melting-pot population from Italy, Germany, Angola, or the Caribbean, food and night life have become a pillar of Brazilian culture. Here’s a selection of our favorite places to have a drink and a bite.

Barbearia Corleone

Hipster alert! Don’t get caught up in the beards and the leather, we are not in Brooklyn. The concept is quite simple: beards and beer. Get your hair trimmed while drinking a beer. With a large choice of drinks and an original setting, Barbearia is an original spot for our male friends.

Canndele Restaurant

In Brazil, about 15% of the population has Italian roots and 50% of these citizens live in the region of Sao Paulo. It’s no surprise that Italian food is well-represented in the city. We fell in love with the mellow atmosphere, full of romanticism and warmth. Canndele is much like its menu: both simple and sophisticated. For a romantic dinner or a lovely lunch with friends, we recommend that you order any of the traditional Brazilian dishes- you can’t go wrong, especially with the banana chutney.

JAM Japanese Restaurant

Take note: this is not your regular sushi place. It’s an amazing restaurant that will delight at least two of your senses, with its tasteful decoration and the artwork displayed on its walls. We derived great pleasure from watching the chef make original, exotic sushis in front of our eyes. From the simplest to the most sophisticated recipe, the menu here will satisfy all of your cravings. 

Iulia Restaurant Jockey Club

As its name suggests, this restaurant is situated at the Hipódromo de Cidade Jardim (Sao Paulo Jockey Club). Its location offers a sensational view during the races. Enjoy a drink on the terrace and feel the extraordinary atmosphere at sunset. Food-wise, we recommend anything that’s on the grill! A must do in the city.


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