Where to have a drink in Tokyo

Where to have a drink in Tokyo

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Where to have a drink

Over 5,000 square miles, the Greater Tokyo Area is the largest metropolitan area on the planet in terms of population and the second in terms of urban landmass. A huge city with millions of things to discover, place to go etc. We help you find some little gems amidst the ocean of opportunities: 

- Mother Earth:

Located near the Ebisu Metro Station, this restaurant is not usually visited by tourists, therefore the whole menu is in Japanese. You’ll have to use your basic Japanese and international sign language to discover all of the goodness that’s available. But trust us, it’s worth the effort! We especially recommend that you try the Japanese-style Tiramisu. The mascarpone has been replaced by soy milk “cheese” for your guilt-free pleasure! Mother Earth is the ideal place for a delicious lunch break. 

 - Il Casita:

A piece of Italy in the middle of the Asian city, Il Casita is the right place if you’re craving a rich, simple European dish. Their specialties are seafood and tapas. And you can enjoy the little terrace on the roof if the weather allows! 

- Tenoha Daikanyama

Tehona is a huge space in the southwest of Tokyo, near the Daikanyama station. First, you enter a home - decoration concept store. You must cross the backyard to enter the restaurant. Tehona is surprisingly peaceful and quiet, even at lunchtime when it gets crowded. The menu is European-inspired, but you can also come and enjoy an al-fresco coffee with delicious pastries in the middle of the afternoon. 

- Apollo

Created by two Australian restaurateurs, Jonathan Barthelmess and Sam Christie, the Apollo serves traditional Greek cuisine in a surprisingly modern decor. The straightforward menu is based around fresh, wholesome ingredients. A perfect combo for the eyes and the mouth!


Meaning « arbor » in Spanish, the entire space is inspired by the simplicity of nature. From its original rooftop vegetable garden to the menu, everything is fresh and pure.   The restaurant works with farms in Tokyo’s surroundings (Tochigi, Fukushima, Kyoto) where owner-chef, Mr. Yoshida, picks up his vegetables every morning at 5. Now, take off your shoes, find a seat in the open kitchen and enjoy the goodness of a "Kamakura Taro and Gorgonzola Cheese Gratin" with one of the 10 wines from different countries.



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