Who are you Stoffel Vandoorne?

Who are you Stoffel Vandoorne?

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We met McLaren's young drive for an interview about his life, his passions an, of course, Formula One ! 

Q: How and when did you know that racing was your passion?
SV: Probably from when I was six years old, I have always loved sports but driving my go kart was probably the only one which I knew I wanted to continue doing.

Q: What do you love most about Formula 1?
SV: I love the competition.

Q: Describe your F1 career in one word
SV: So far? Very short! I’m really looking forward to getting started properly in Australia, and I hope I will be able to enjoy a long and successful F1 career.

Q: If you weren’t racing, what would you be doing?
SV: Probably another competitive sport.

: Do you have a pre-race routine? What is the first thing you do after a race?
SV: I don’t have a routine as such, but I do always get in the car from the left-hand side and after the race, usually I celebrate on the podium spraying a bottle of Chandon!!!

Q : What has been the biggest challenge of your life?
SV: Getting to Formula 1. I am very proud I have made it here but it is only just the start of a long journey.

Q: What were your first road car?
SV: A blue Renault Clio, I was given it to drive whilst I was racing in Formula 4.

Q: What kind of music do you like?
SV: I like dance music, but I generally like all kinds of music. It really depends on my mood.

Q: What are some of your favourite restaurants?
SV: I love Japanese food, especially sushi and Yakiniku (barbecued meat) – I’ve spent a lot of time in Japan after racing out there last season, so I’ve tried loads and I like it all. 

Q: What is the best meal you’ve ever eaten? 
SV: Probably some of the beef I have eaten in Japan, it is a different taste to anywhere else in the World.

Q: How is your fitness regime and food philosophy? 
SV: I eat a lot of pancakes, Belgian waffles, chocolate…. No, I’m only kidding! I don’t follow a specific diet religiously but I do take care over what I eat and eat healthily. Body weight is very important in Formula 1, so I train hard to ensure I am as fit as possible, whilst also maintaining a consistent weight.


Q: You are a global citizen, but do you have any particular country that fascinates you?
SV: I’d say Japan, I’ve spent a lot of time in Japan and the culture out there is amazing.

Q: What´s your favourite Chandon Sparkling wine?
SV: I enjoy the brut most.

Q: How do you like Chandon? Apart from drinking straight up Chandon, is there any fruity Chandon cocktail that is your favourite?
SV: I don’t get a lot of opportunities to drink whilst I am racing, but I have tried both the ‘Jenson’ and the ‘Fernando’ cocktails and they are both really nice, I hope they do a ‘Stoffel’…

Q: What kind of flavours do you like? 
SV: I love fruit, so almost any kind of berry, but being from Belgium I also have quite a sweet tooth!

Q: As a racer what has been your most sparkling moment? Which are your reasons to celebrate?
SV: Winning the GP2 Championship in 2015.

Q: Best piece of advice I’ve ever received: 
SV: Two pieces of advice! Never give up and always believe in yourself.

Q: If sugar were a superfood, my diet would consist of: 
SV: Lots of chocolate! I am Belgian, after all…


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