Food & Sparkling wine: Chandon's way of pairing

That’s a statement we can’t disagree with! Traditionally, when it comes to food & wine pairing, most people think of classic still wines, red or white. What a shame it is to forget sparkling!... Read more

Contemplative Futuristic and Geometric Architecture

The city is a vast playground for those who can perceive things differently, with their eyes focused on its countless architectural details. London-based photographer Tobi Shonibare, also known as... Read more

Exploring Chandon mountains vineyards

What do the Chandon vineyards all over the world have in common? High Altitude. Chandon terroirs are located along the foothills of the most iconic mountains, enhancing quality borders. The most... Read more

Enjoy the spark in Montreal

June 11, 2017

The Canadian Grand Prix became a round of the World Championship in 1967. It’s the first high-speed challenge.

Fernando Alonso

Canada is a great circuit – very demanding and requires absolute concentration at all times. It goes from very slow-speed corners to high-speed corners really quickly, which means a lot of pressure is put on the brakes and power units. It’s a pretty tough circuit on the cars generally, so reliability will be the first thing we need to focus on, to make sure there are no gremlins or technical issues that could jeopardise our performance.

My own circuit in Montreal

Spring is surely the best time of year to enjoy Montreal. A new coolness is strikingly palpable in the city's new hipster neighbourhoods, fine restaurants, and irresistible fashion stores. While... Read more

Where to have a drink in Montreal?

Since 1978, the « City of Saints » hosts one of the most iconic races in the world. If you’re visiting Montreal for the Grand Prix, here are our favourite places to have a drink or two.... Read more

Shiny Metallic Typography Series

Aaron Kaufman is a multidisciplinary graphic artist based in Montreal, Canada. Since graduating in 2011, he has worked with several agencies and collaborated on creative projects, ads and national... Read more


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