Food & Sparkling wine: Chandon's way of pairing

That’s a statement we can’t disagree with! Traditionally, when it comes to food & wine pairing, most people think of classic still wines, red or white. What a shame it is to forget sparkling!... Read more

Exploring Chandon mountains vineyards

What do the Chandon vineyards all over the world have in common? High Altitude. Chandon terroirs are located along the foothills of the most iconic mountains, enhancing quality borders. The most... Read more

The start of a sparkling partnership

“The McLaren Honda Formula 1 Team’s story is characterised by human endeavour, filled with heroic champions who have stood on sport’s global stage. This is a team that seizes the moment and remains... Read more

Enjoy the spark in Sao Paulo

November 11, 2018

When, in the 1970s, Emerson Fittipaldi began to have international success, the Brazilians started to want a GP.

Stoffel Vandoorne

"I am very proud I have made it here but it is only just the start of a long journey."

Experimental Light Installations and Interior Design in São Paulo

With its 11 million inhabitants, São Paulo embodies the exact definition of a megacity: an urban jungle where people have to struggle in order to live decent lives. In this type of environment,... Read more

My Own Circuit in Sao Paulo

With its 11 million inhabitants, Sao Paulo is the biggest metropolis in Brazil and the second largest in Latin America.The city is the living image of Brazil today: though rife with inequalities,... Read more

Where to have a drink in Sao Paulo

With its melting-pot population from Italy, Germany, Angola, or the Caribbean, food and night life have become a pillar of Brazilian culture. Here’s a selection of our favorite places to have a drink... Read more


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"This Sunday is Earth Day. For its 50th anniversary, the worldwide event invites all of us to focus on environmental issues and to celebrate the beauty of nature #...
"La vie en Ros.Life in pink, well drink to that!#Chandon Image: @talisa_sutton ...Please note, content should be appreciated only by those of the legal age to consume...
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"N ho Chandon lovers! Which Chinese appetizer or dish would you match with a fresh glass of Chandon Brut? #Chandon #ChandonChina #ChandonBrut #EnjoyTheSpark #...
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"Located in the Northwest of China, Ningxia Autonomous Region has an average elevation of 2,000 m. In addition to its unique natural conditions, Ningxia is considered...
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