Contemplative Futuristic and Geometric Architecture

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The city is a vast playground for those who can perceive things differently, with their eyes focused on its countless architectural details. London-based photographer Tobi Shonibare, also known as Tobishinobi, clearly belongs to this segment of the population.

After studying and practicing law in and around London for several years, he decided to  take up photography. Fascinated by the creative control he has over his work and millions of inhabitants’ daily panoramas, this talented artist becomes our guide in the English capital.

He leads us from the city’s subterranean labyrinths to its most vertiginous skyscrapers, spotted with dark tones and shiny sun rays, haunted by the  “mise en abîme” of his own reflection. In his pictures, enigmatic silhouettes appear, breaking the lines and curves of the architecture. We are effectively reminded of the extent to which the city and its residents thrive on each other’s energy.

Through his lens, geometry, symmetry and perspective invade the streets and the grey skies of England. The characteristic overlapping of buildings, their reflection on other constructions and the repetition of shapes suddenly grabs our attention completely, creating a new, futuristic urban atmosphere. Tobishinobi offers us a different point of view on places that now appear as made-to-measure installations, thanks to a play of angles, tones or exposures that convey the infinite reinvention of the megalopolis.

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