My Own Circuit in London

My Own Circuit in London

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The hot London attraction of the moment is indisputably the new 10-story wing of the Tate Modern Art Museum, designed by renowned Swiss architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron. This slanted, impressive building will specialize in displaying contemporary art, including film, installations, and live performances. After the visit, you can have a bite at the restaurant on level 9, or have a dessert on Level 10, where the balcony offers a panoramic view of the city.

Everyone, not only fashion lovers, should take in the Missoni exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum. Founded in 1953, this Italian family fashion house is famous for its colourful zigzag prints. The show not only displays a great variety of them, it also shows how the garments are crafted, as well as paintings by the painters who have had an influence on the house's aesthetic. 

London has that inexplicable power to reveal your inner rebellious streak and your taste for the avant-garde. That's why you should all make a stop at Machine-A, a Soho store that stocks the most promising fashion talents of today and tomorrow. The word « underwear » always piques curiosity, and you will be greatly rewarded by visiting the mammoth exhibition devoted to these garments at the Victoria & Albert museum. Retracing the story of male and female underwear since the 18th century, the event offers a fascinating reflection on body perception through the ages.

Before heading back to Silverstone, or continuing with a night of wild dancing, treat yourself to a quick manicure and pedicure, and a haircut if you need one, at the new Dryby salon, on 74, Mortimer Street. Offering a variety of services, the place also boasts a friendly atmosphere.

For those who were teenagers in the 1980's, S'Express' infectious house anthem « The theme from S'Express », is surely the soundtrack to those wild years. Founded by Mark Moore and Pascal Gabriel, S'Express has just released an album of remixes of their hits by such musicians as Tom Furse of The Horrors. 1980's nostalgia is still going strong, and the Pet Shop Boys are back (have they ever left?), with "Super", a new album that perfectly straddles past and present. Soul music lovers should immediately purchase « Soulsville », the powerful Beverley Knight's new album. Recorded in Memphis , Tennessse, the album shows, once again, why she ranks as one of the best soul performers in Great Britain.

After a marathon in the city, rush to the Last Days of Shoreditch, on the corner of Old Street and Great Eastern Streets. It is actually the last days of this wonderful street market at this site, so indulge in the wonderful street food while listening to music by the likes of Gavin Turk. For local London food, go to 3 South Place,where you can taste honey from Battersea, smoked salmon from Hackney, and meat from a nearby farm. We also like the family feel of the long dining table. And what would London be without some good wild clubbing. Go to Fabric. A legend. Can't fail.


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