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Chandon China

Chandon China

Chandon China winery is located near Ningxia Helan Mountains, which is nationally certified as a protected designation of origin and has more than 30 years of vine planting history. Ningxia’s terroir, with a dry climate, well-drained soil, and a pure environment, is considered as one of the best in the world for growing grapes.

The 6,300 sqm-winery takes into account the location, weather and landscape of Ningxia. The estate boasts production facilities are among the most advanced in the world.

Chandon bottles

Chandon bottles

Chandon China Products

Chandon China sparkling wines are crafted with the “Méthode Traditionnelle” and are made from the classic primary varietals Pinot Noir, Chardonnay. The Ningxia region has a dry climate with good levels of sunshine, which make it easier for the grape to ripen and display its varietal fruitiness. The Chardonnay will have citrus, pear, lemon aromas and Pinot Noir will have some strawberry and red fruit character.

Chandon Brut is bright and brilliant in color. Bright light straw, nice floral notes with citrus and tropical fruit on the nose, combined with slightly honeyed and toasty character. Clean fresh fruit on the palate with good length, with a crisp and dry finish.

Chandon Rosé has bright red fruit aromas joined with pleasant dry flowers and combined with hint of lolly character, very fresh and elegant on the nose. Entry with round juicy red fruit, elegant and long on the palate with a dry finish.

Chandon Me is the first sparkling wine that can be enjoyed at room temperature.
With crisp, fruity notes and a delicate sweet taste, Me is perfectly suited for different cocktails and various ways to pair and taste.
Chandon Me has very bright and fascinating color with very passion citrus fruit, beautiful floral and honey characters in smell and Chandon Me Rosé has pure and pastel of citrus and red berries fruit flavor, with lovely flavor of lollipop.

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No.1, Chandon road, Huang Yang Tan farm, Yong Ning, Ningxia
750002 CHINA

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